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Types of Herbs You Can Grow in Your Garden

Gardening or planting is not a very easy task. There is a process that need to be followed and you have to make sure that your plants get the relevant and necessary attention. There are many plants that you can grow based on the climate of your area. Some plants grow well in cold climates while there are certain other plants that grow well in warmer climates. However, herbs tend to be a type of plant that you can grow even inside your house. Herbs come in handy when you start cooking and even for medical purposes. Following are some types of herbs you can grow at your house.


This is a common type of herb that you can add to your soups or other food. It is a commonly known fact that basil leaves have anti-inflammatory components included in them. Therefore, it makes it a great way for you to have some of your own basil plants grown at home. You are getting the help of landscaping Melbourne to do your gardening, you can request them to arrange a pot with these herbs. However, you can even purchase seeds or a starter plant form a local store and start growing them. You need to make sure that you prune and water the basil plant often. When you harvest, you just have to snip a few leaves out of the plants. However, make sure that you do not completely cut off one plant and snips from many.


There are many people who love a bit of ginger in their food and there are also people who absolutely dislike ginger. However, ginger is known to be an herb with many benefits. It is anti-inflammatory and also is great to be used as an herb to cure nausea and sore muscles. If you speak to landscape designers Melbourne they will advise you on how you could add a ginger planation to your garden. Planting ginger could be an easy task as you just have to add soil to a chunk of finger and wait for it to sprout. The roots of the plant are what is edible and you can harvest by pulling the entire plant out of the soil. Ginger plantation requires indirect sunlight and moist soil.


This is an herb with a very pleasant smell. It contains antioxidant substances which prevents weight gain and improve your cholesterol levels. It is indeed a great plant to have if you have an issue with weight gain and cholesterol. Rosemary can be grown by purchasing seeds from a store and will be very beneficial for you.

Therefore, by growing some herbs at your house, you can make sure you reap some great harvest.