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Tips To Make Your Bedroom Feel Less Claustrophobic

Like it or not, your bedroom is probably the space that you spend most of your time in. Thereby, it becomes important that when planning your house to invest some time, money and energy towards your bedroom. A problem that occurs for many people is that the bedroom becomes claustrophobic because if you really think about it, there are quite a number of things that need to go into the bedroom. Thus, we should look at ways to reduce this problem especially since we cannot technically reduce a thousand things that go inside the bedroom. Thus, without further ado, here’s our list of tips to make your bedroom less claustrophobic.

Paint Your Walls A Light Color

You would know that for anyone visiting would get the feel of the room through the colors that the wall is painted in. thus, what you can do to reduce this sense of being clustered is to paint your walls in a light color. Having said this, it doesn’t mean that you limit yourself to plain white. You can still go ahead and invest in some crazy colors, just keeping in mind that you can use lighter shades of red, blue , orange or even a very light grey. Yellow is honestly, a personal favorite. Moreover, lighter colors reflect the light and as a result, will leave your room looking brighter and at the same time larger as opposed to the darker colors which absorb light.

Invest In Some Mirrors

Mirrors have a way of making any room look slightly less claustrophobic and help the vibe of the room look larger as a whole. When it comes to the purchasing of mirrors you have to be careful not to overdo it but rather stick to simple mirrors with an extremely simple frame. Instead of outright purchasing mirrors itself, you can even get a dressing table with a big mirror. A maximum of two mirrors would suffice and help the overall ambiance of the room look brighter as well as make the space more breathable.

Use Vertical Space

Most often than not, we run out of space because we stock our things horizontally. This can lead to have serious issues and make the bedroom looked overcrowded and unmanageable. So in order to avoid this look to use vertical space. To do this you can use the walls right up to the ceiling as the eye then goes upwards and is drawn more towards the ceiling. This leaves the room looking larger and more pleasing to the eye. For storage purposes, you can use some built-in shelves which extend all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This can help immensely to avoid overstocking and overcrowding as you can see exactly what you need or don’t need instead of using a drawer somewhere.

Lighting Is Key

Use lighting to your advantage. Depending on the size and position of your windows choose your lighting smartly. You can either go bare or have a few spotlights on the ceiling instead.