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Inspiring Living Room Decorating Tips for Your Next Makeover

Looking to spice up your living room a bit? Here are some great ideas for you to try out!

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Try Out a Repurposed Bar Cart

It is a no brainer to set up a booze station on a bar cart in your living room. Especially if the living room is not giving you enough chance with space. You can display some great blooms, art, old wine bottles and even coffee or a teapot.

HowAbout Ventilation?

Make sure you have enough natural light and ventilation in the living room. Large French windows are a great idea and if you have an eye-candy of a garden you can keep the windows open. You can go ahead with a ceiling fan for when it gets a bit warm in summer. And if you own a spacious living room you can even try out large ceiling fans that are in tune with the interior designing.

Try Out Low Furniture

Add short pieces of furniture like a short tufted couch in order to keep your open floor plan cosy and comfortable. Use area rugs to demarcate the individual areas dedicated to certain areas within the living room such as the reading area, seating area and even the TV area.

Go Navy on the Walls

Give white and beige a break. Go with dramatic hues on your walls. They can drench a spacious living room and draw attention to the furniture and the interior design.

Comfy Seating. Always

Although you have decided to stick to contemporary architectural tricks, you might want to always resort to the comfortable seating arrangements in the living room. After all it is where you welcome and greet your guests and spend some quality family time.

StickWith Chic Storage

Need space in your small living room, stat? Transform old boring shelving with more decorative, elaborate options. And load up on the fabric baskets and boxes to conceal the overflow of the unwanted knick knacks.

Leave Slim Footprints

Save the square footage in your living room without sacrificing the seating. Use the chairs in the dining room for this. Try tips like rattan and cane perches. These require much less real estate than a conventional recliner.

MakeIt Family Friendly

Although it is hard to believe, white furniture can actually work in a house with kids if you are very careful. Just go ahead with durable fabrics such as a leather couch and surfaces such as a lacquer table and maybe plastic rocker that works quickly with cleaning.

Invest In a Statement Rug

The key to subtle colour shades starts at your feet. A well patterned carpet under your feet will play up the neutral furniture if you have any. Add similar hued pillows to bring about a sense of gentleness in the air.

Stick to the Fast Fixes

Rethink the furniture pieces you already have at home instead of deciding to purchase new ones. You can use up some leftover paint you used on the wall. Paint the frame of an old chair and refresh the curtains along with pillows by sewing on an elaborate trim along the edge.