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5 Ways To Increase Productivity In Your Own Home

What is common between freelancers, work-from-home parents and students (school and university)? The fact that they all work from or at home and all face the same problem. No inspiration, no productivity.

In the comfort of our homes we tend to procrastinate even if that means doing laundry. We tend to laze around and watch TV shows or movies. What then do we do to make our homes more productive? We have to finish our allocated assignments and homework.

Have you considered turning one room in your home into an office / study? Having the right place to work from is as important as having good work ethic. Your work environment can be a big factor in assessing how well you’ll do on the job.


Here are 5 tips for setting up your home office / study to boost productivity.


#1. Don’t Mix Business And Pleasure

This is a very old saying, and usually in different contexts. However, it is applicable here too! Make sure your home office / study suits it’s purpose. Ensure it remains different to the rest of your home, especially your room. When you go from your room to your study, you should no longer feel like you are in your own home. This does not imply making the office uncomfortable – make it as comfortable as you like, just different from your room. Avoid watching movies and TV shows on the work desktop of laptop. If taking a break from work, go out into the living room or your bedroom and watch an episode.


#2. The Right Kind Of Seating


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We all know by now that the right kind of seating is very important. If it’s a couch or a bed, we tend to sink in and become lazy. If it’s a hard chair we tend to get back aches. You need to find the right kind of support for yourself such that you are comfortable but not to a point where you fall asleep. You can even find a variety of chairs online to experiment with.


#3. Make Sure There Is Enough Light


Dim lights are great – but not for inducing productivity. Dim lights tend to make us lazy and lethargic. Bad lighting can cause fatigue, eyestrain, headaches and overall irritability. Invest in bright lights that will keep you awake and fresh. Natural lighting is great for inducing productivity too, so keep the curtains open.


#4. Have Enough Storage

Have enough storage so you can file and stack your papers and books accordingly. People tend to be more productive is clean and organised spaces as opposed to spaces with clusters.


#5. Add A Touch Of Inspiration

Customise a wall or some frames on the table with pictures of your family, or inspirational quotes that would make you want to work. A wall of goals perhaps – where you display your goals and check them off as and when you meet them!



Make working from home just as productive as working from an office or library!