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4 Signs You Have Hired a Good Agent in Real Estate

When it comes to buying or selling property, understanding how the market works and how it can benefit you is key. But of course, chances are your life is full of things that need your attention apart from your dealings in real estate. That is why it is so important that you partner up with a good real estate agent who can secure the best possible deal for you, be it a sale or a purchase.

But how will you know if you have chosen right? Well here are four definite features you can upon with a really good agent.

They Do Not Miss Appointments

The real estate business can be rather frantic at times and opportunities can come and go in a few hours. So it pays to have a real estate agent that does not stall on communication and is ready to consider your options at a moment’s notice. This does not mean they should be on call at ungodly hours of course. They should just be highly responsive in general and alert and ready to negotiate deals you are interested in.

They Are Pretty Familiar With Their Home Territory

Let us say, you have a desire to relocate your residence from Pakenham, Victoria to Narre Warren, Victoria. Now in your search for the best real estate agent Narre Warren should have a fair share of candidates for you to consider. One of the key considerations is how well that agent knows the market around there so that they know straight away where to look and what angles to try when in securing the most cost efficient and satisfying property for you. They should know about the neighbourhood the same way a fisherman knows his patch of the river. They should know how and where to find the big fish, so to speak.

They Are Totally Legit and Highly Experienced

First of all, make sure they are licensed. Afterward, take a look at their CV, how they have swung things so far. The quality of their services will be evident by the sales they have made as well as informed opinions from former clients and experts. An outstanding track record says you have got yourself a winner.

They Are Full Timers

A full time occupation shows an agent is totally committed to their job and is not distracted by anything else in a professional capacity at least. And that is such a reassuring sign for you as client since it means your agent can reciprocate more availability and attention to closing the deal for you. It is also key to the amount of knowledge and experience they have with the market. You can only know something for as long as you spend getting to know it.


If your agent shines a bright green light on all these key features, you can rest easy in the knowledge they are taking no prisoners in securing the best deal they can possibly get you.