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4 Criteria That Need To Be Looked Into Before Building A Shed

If you are someone who loves a do-it-yourself project and some woodwork in your backyard, then building your own shed may be the right project to get started. While the task may be a daunting one, it is a rewarding experience if you plan well and ahead. Usually the steps are pretty straightforward and by following instructions, it will be quite a simple endeavor. Find below some basic steps that you can help get started on building your shed.

Determine The Function And Purpose Of Your Shed

The most crucial first step is to identify the purpose of your shed and what you will use it for. This will determine the shape, size and the materials you will need to start building it. Some of the common uses of a shed are for storing lawn and yard equipment. You can also store household tools and equipment instead of using cheap self storage facilities. However, if this is the case some sheds may require additional features such as climate control depending on what is stored. If it is a workshop shed then, it will have to be bigger as you would need space to move around, closets and the ability to comfortably work inside. The most complex shed would be to park a vehicle, in which case it would require a large amount of space with solid foundations and easy front access.

Planning Your Design

After determining the purpose, you will have a fairly clear picture of how complex the project is. Accordingly, you can start designing the shed and if you are building it from scratch, make sure to plan everything and have a blueprint for each section such as the foundation, back wall, front with door, side walls with windows, roof rafters, roof decking and flooring to name a few. In each section, make sure you plan out the materials you will be using keeping in mind the purpose of the shed. For example; if you don’t plan on wiring the shed for electricity, then the windows will be the only source of light. Thus, the placement of the windows to ensure maximum sunlight will be helpful.

Check For Laws And Permits

There are certain areas and states that require special permits if a shed is over a certain size, even if it is in your own backyard. Therefore, be sure to check with your local authorities that you can legally build the shed. If by any chance, you require a building permit, then you will have to work with a building inspector to which you will have to follow certain criteria in order to start construction.

Planning On Exactly Where To Build

When it comes to finding an ideal spot in your backyard to build a shed, there are several factors that you must take in to consideration. These factors include the location of the utility such as electricity and water lines. You must never build over these major lines as this will disrupt any repairs or work that needs to be done on them. Other factors include ground angle, trees, and property lines.