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Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager About Your Sunshine Coast Property

It takes a lot of time and money to find and acquire a property to invest in. And if you want to add value to your investment, you need a reliable property management company. By doing so is a tough decision to make. For you to find the right property manager for your Sunshine Coast property, you need to ask them the right questions.

Here are the top 10 questions that you need to ask your prospect to manage an investment property.

1. Does your company has a dedicated department to handle property management and look after my property?

To ensure that your chosen company for your Sunshine Coast property has a dedicated property manager, ask them if there is a dedicated department to handle your estate. If there is somebody, who can work on behalf of the property manager in case they are sick.

2. Does the manager or owner of the company plays a role in the daily operations of the property management company?

Many agencies handle multiple departments under one roof. There is the sales department and the rental department. When hiring a property management company, make sure that the director is involved in the daily operations of the property management company. The manager should be hands-on and has in-depth knowledge of the department.

3. How long is the property manager working in the real estate industry?

This question should be asked to the property manager, who will be handling your property. An experienced and seasoned property manager have a more in-depth understanding of the industry and will manage your property well.

4. How long is the property manager has been with the agency?

The number of years the property manager is employed at the agency is also vital when it comes to managing your investment. He or she must have established a long tenure with the agency for a better understanding of the agency, the location, and the tenants.

5. Does the company have a written proposal?

A professional property manager will have everything on paper. The proposal will detail the services the property manager will render and how they will manage your property.

6. What is the coverage area of their property management service?

It will be helpful for you if the property manager is familiar with the area where your property is located. Thinking long-term, imagine how they can help you build your property portfolio and with your future needs.

7. Does the property manager attend to the tenant personally?

If the property manager is simply handing over the keys to the property, look elsewhere.

8. How many properties are he or she looking after?

The number of properties a manager handles can affect the quality of service. Make sure that the property manager will have adequate time for your property.

9. Does the property management company has enough staff to show your Sunshine Coast properties?

Advertising on the internet can drive substantial traffic. Make sure that the company has enough staff to show the property to the prospects at any time.

10. Does the company has a system to check the prospective tenants thoroughly?

The tenants are the backbone of your rental business. Your property managers should thoroughly check them about their creditworthiness, rental history, and their current employment. Aside from these, the tenant should also be able to maintain a positive relationship with their neighbors and the property manager.

To have a successful rental property business in Sunshine Coast, you need to have the right partner in your property manager. By asking these critical questions, you will be able to evade future problems.