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Are You Searching For A Suitable Real Estate Agent?

If you have not found your ideal real estate agent yet, read on for some tips make things easier!

Agents vs. Brokersvs. Realtors

These titles can seem a little messy for someone who is just entering the real estate game. Real estate agents will be able to help you out with purchasing and selling property. They are licensed and they are professionals. The licenses they carry are issued by the state and these real estate agents are employed under a brokerage company. Some real agents tend to concentrate on representing only the buyers while some others do the opposite and represent the sellers. They are known in the industry as dual agents. If an agent is a dual agent, they need to divulge this information in the beginning of the transaction itself.

Brokers or brokerage companies are responsible on a legal basis of their real estate agents. And they are properly licensed by the governing state to gather fees as well as supervise any negotiations happening within their jurisdiction. Brokers are able to administrate a real estate office as well.

Realtors are both brokers and agents who belong to a particular government entity. They are licensed by the government and they work according a set of ethics as well as rules presented by the state itself.

Ask Around From Reliable Sources

These include referrals as well as references. One of the best sources you can seek information from is the past clients of the real estate agents. You can also consult friends, family and neighbours that you trust. Ask questions like “How long did the closing take” or “did the agent help you out with closing and the issues that came up during the process”. If you still think that you have not found the ideal real estate you wanted, you can also resort to other options such as a real estate software which brings buyers and sellers together with the real estate agents.

Meet the Agents Personally

Do not go ahead and hire a real estate agent whom you have not met personally. Try to create a bond between yourself and the agent for it will come in handy when you are going through with the process. You can ask the real estate agent how long they have been licensed and you can also ask them if they work in real estate on a full time basis.

You can even ask what percentage of their work has been with the buyers and what percentage of your business has been with the sellers. This information is valuable when choosing the agent since if they represent a lot of sellers than buyers it would mean that your agent might try to sell you whatever the listing they have in hand regardless of your needs.

Evaluate The Real Estate Agent’s Current and Past Listing

This will be a bit trickier than it looks. You will have to find an agent who is successful and has represented a multitude of clients in the past. However, if the agent has more listings than the other agents you have checked out, you will have to back out since there is a chance that you will get less attention on your listing.