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What Rates Should I Pay My Tradesmen?

Haying your chosen tradesmen right is important in building a healthy working relationship with them. Being in good terms with a tradesman will make any homeowner comfortable, knowing that this person will work around their house all the time. Plus, the reno project will be completed on time just as you planned it if the money is right.

Before starting with your reno project, you and your tradies should agree on certain payments. If in case the tradesmen claim they are underpaid, chances are your reno project will be halted. Underpaid tradies might also file a complaint against the homeowner and eventually make them pay the remaining balance in a lump sum. On the other hand, overpaying your tradies will definitely make a huge hole in your pockets.

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Builders are ultimately every homeowner’s hero as they are responsible for putting together the renovation project from two-dimensional drawings. Builders will need to be involved from the start of the planning process because they can greatly contribute in coming up with the most practical and efficient ways to execute the renovation project. It also minimizes time in sourcing the proper permits as professional builders keep good contact with local authorities and suppliers. No matter how small or big your renovation is, it is best to seek professional assistance from builders.

Builders who are tasked to work on home renovations cost about $63 per hour, while those who work on a larger scale home building costs as much as $160 per hour. As much as possible, request a written quote covering all expenses for the project and ask if they will charge you for VAT. In this way, you can avoid under or over paying your tradesmen as you go along with your reno. So just discuss everything with transparency with your builder to avoid all the trouble when it comes to payments.

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Sometimes, homeowners tend to do their own plumbing at home to minimize expenses. However, there are cases where the professional assistance of a plumber is highly needed. Plumbers do not only know how to fix leaks and clogged pipes and toilets, they also know what causes these and how to ultimately avoid it from recurring. Also, they have the right tools to use in every plumbing situation that you may have.


The national average rate of a professional plumber costs about $80 per hour, which highly depends on the job and location. Plumbing jobs are quite broad, with tasks ranging from fixing leaks, installing bath fixtures, to unclogging pipes. Also, bear in mind that the plumbing costs include the materials to be used or replaced, so make sure that you and your plumber are getting quality products to lessen renovation costs in the future. And since trip charges are also included in a plumber’s rate, try to hire someone within your area to minimize your costs.


Electrical problems at home might take a toll to a household’s daily routine. That is why it is best to contact an electrician to fix it right away. Do-it-yourself techniques are highly discouraged when it comes to electrical problems as it takes someone equipped with the right knowledge and tools to work in direct contact with electricity.

Depending on the amount of work to be done, electricians’ rate per hour ranges from $65 to $85. If you require a huge electrical job for your home, it is best to scout for a number of electricians and compare their quotes. Also, make sure that you are dealing with a licensed electrician if their rates are too high, to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth.


Installing flooring can be regarded as a DIY job, it is still better to hire a professional to execute it. Some floor fixtures tend to be hard to install, which eventually need the attention of a professional to make it right.

Floor tradies usually charge an average of $40 per hour, while some are charging around $30 per square meter. Weigh in on these two options in negotiating with your tradesmen to come up with the most cost-efficient rate for your project.

Ultimately, transparent communication between you and your tradesmen is the key for the most cost-efficient option for you. Establish good working relationships with them to make it easier for you the next time you will need their professional assistance for your reno.

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