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Planning To Open A Motel

Let’s take a look at the points you need to consider when opening a motel.


When choosing an appropriate location, you would have to consider what type of guests you are catering towards. If you are catering to long distance travelers or tourists, it’s preferable to locate your motel closer to the heart of the city or within walking distance of tourist attractions. If, on the other hand, you are catering toward honeymooners, you would have to go with a location that is significantly secluded, exotic and romantic. Select your location carefully as the pricing of bookings too, depend on the degree of satisfaction and feedback from your clientele.

Draw Up a Business Plan

When you have acquired your location depending on your requirement, you would need to draw up a business plan illustrating your short term and long term plans for your organization. These plans would need to be clear and specific in case you are hoping to acquire assistance from a bank or financial institution. You would need to state what kind of motel it is and to the group it is catering to (tourists or honeymooners) and what sort of business you would be running. For example, would you also incorporate a restaurant that would provide breakfast, lunch and delivery along with breakfast delivery to your clients?


Once you have decided on a location, you would have to consider your finances. Are you willing to invest your money as the initial capital or do you prefer choosing either a loan or a leasing plan to invest as your startup money? When you have considered and decided on how you are going to finance your idea, if you have decided on taking either a lease or a loan you would need to speak to a bank or a financial institute that is willing to assist start-up businesses like yourself. Your business plan will assist you in getting the push you need toward getting your loan or lease passed. You will also need to make sure that you are covered by a tax audit insurance. This way you are reimbursed on your audit accountant’s fees. Subscribing to services like these are what will keep your new business afloat


You would then need to register your business under the registration rules and regulations in your country. For this again you would need to specify what kind of business practice you would be running. Especially if you are planning to open a side bar, you would need to obtain a liquor license and a license for running a restaurant complete with breakfast delivery and dine in.


Now it’s time to make the purchases necessary. Its best to segment your needs to make it easier to handle. For example,

•             Guest bedroom facilities: guest welcome letter, TV and DVD remotes on night stand, fresh glassware and beverage coasters

•             Guest bedroom closet: wooden hangers, luggage rack open, fresh robes hanging and arranged properly with belts tied, extra pillows and blankets

Opening Your Doors

Once you have seen to it that all necessary arrangements have been made, you can now open your doors to business.