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A Moving Checklist; Cross These off When You Are Moving

Are you planning to move? Or are you thinking of moving? Either way here are some great tips for you to consider for the moving day.

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Where Are You Moving?

Do you already have a place pinned down for the move or are you still undecided? Most of us might move for love, a job, for family and even for a mere change of course. If you have already decided on a place you might have to take a few weeks off and scour the area and the neighbourhood. And even if you are moving with your family you might want to hire a professional real estate agent who is thorough with the area and facilities you need, such as real estate Croydon.

Are You Ready For a New Neighbourhood?

Double-check with a reliable real estate agent if your new neighbourhood is everything you want. Everyone would love a crime-free and kid-friendly neighbourhood. Check to see if there are schools for the kids, facilities for them and even the adults including entertainment options and educational facilities.

Sort and Purge Your Stuff

Make sure you go through each and every one of the rooms in the house and decide what you would like to keep and what you could leave behind. Think twice about which stuff might need special packaging and which might need extra insurance and equipment.

Look Up Movers

Start looking for movers at least a week before you move. Once you have narrowed down a trustworthy company to move your household items, you may ask for an estimate. Have the boxes all ready on the moving day for the movers to bring them down to the trucks.

Get Your Vehicles Ready for the Move

If by any chance you are moving across the country, you might want to bring along a mechanic with you to check the condition of your vehicles and to see if they are up for a drive like that. Also, check with the mechanic if your vehicles can face the climatic change of the place you are moving into.

A Proper Change of Address

Check with an expert for the proper way to change your address. Get it done before a month to make sure there are no mistakes in the process and if there are any, you have enough time to reverse them.

Notify All the Important Parties

Let the important parties know that you are leaving. Officially notify the banks, brokerage firms, any important magazines and papers, insurance companies and even utility companies.

Take Care of Your Medical Needs

If you have any important medical needs, make sure you arrange your medical records to be delivered to your new healthcare provider and any doctors you have chosen upon recommendation. And if you are driving across the country, make sure you are well-packed for the move.

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Do Not Forget Your Safe-Box

If you are changing banks, make sure to remove the contents of your safe-deposit box. Put them into a safety deposit box that you would take with you to the new area and do not forget to let your new bank take care of it immediately.