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How To Reduce Construction Cycle Time

Something every builder focuses on is finding ways to reduce their construction cycle time so they can achieve their expected margins. However, many a cycle delay can occur, from inspection fails, not starting tasks on time, and incorrect delivery of goods. Some of these are inevitable so you need to prepare yourself on how to get things back on track but some can be worked on and avoided. Here are some ways you can reduce your construction cycle time with no risk at all to the quality of your project.

Customer Changes

First, set a cut-off date for any client changes that you need to accommodate. Get your 3D laser scanning done. Have a detailed project schedule ready with all the necessary information and give it your client with a cut-off date for them to make any changes. Your customer might not be happy if they find any small details that have to be adjusted after but they’ll be in a far worse mood if the project suffers a delay. Once site construction has begun, any changes after just creates a world of confusion and possible errors as workers scramble around to change things. Be firm about your cut-off date and emphasize the importance of it to your client.

Eliminating Trends Of Errors

Sometimes identifying a trend in the errors you come across might not be all that easy. This is why you need a system of documentation- all the errors and procedures in general across your sites and projects have to be thoroughly documented. This way when you do come across an error, run it through your system. You’ll have the ability to identify if there’s any issue when it comes to a certain activity or phase and so on.


Next, you need to work on getting rid of all the waste that hinders your construction processes- and we mean this in all senses of the word. If a certain task takes 6 days, don’t round it off and give them a week instead. Because your workers will always spread out their task to take up the maximum allowed time, whether it’s really necessary or not. So make sure you don’t give them any excess time and waste those precious days. Then you should always work on purging your site of all its physical waste as well. In the line of construction, waste tends to build up pretty easily so you need to emphasize to your workers the importance of picking up after themselves or hire a separate team to do so because a cluttered site is definitely unsafe and not the type of working environment you want to be having as a respected company.


Usually, it’s your workers- the guys on the field- that know best about how to shorten their times. They normally have plenty of ideas ready but simply wait for the occasion to bring it up so make sure to set up regular meetings if you find there are ways you could be improving and ask them their thoughts on the matter as well.

These are the best ways you can reduce your construction cycle time without reducing quality in the slightest!