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Dressing Up Your Office on a Budget: When to Use Residential Furniture for a Corporate Setting

As corporate firms grow and evolve, so do their workspaces. Corporations that are keen to attract curious and engaging minds in their workplaces know that the right office environment goes a long way to achieve that goal. In short, if your office space is inviting, the productivity of your staff will be better. However, for start-ups or companies on a budget, spending money on solid furniture can be difficult and many resort to purchasing residential furniture which may not last as long.  However, all is not lost and there are options for which office spaces can accommodate residential furniture and office furniture so as to balance out your budget.  Read on to find out more about these options.

Understanding the Difference between Office and Residential Furniture

Basically, the main difference between commercial furniture and residential furniture is the use of materials. Office furniture is made of materials that will last longer and fabrics that won’t fray and disintegrate easily.  Office makeovers are expensive and only budgeted perhaps once every 8 to 12 years and for some firms it might even be longer. While the warranty and longevity of office furniture might be a plus point, the furniture itself could be limited in design options. As the furniture needs to last a few years at a time, it remains relatively simple to keep up with changing design trends. Residential furniture on the other hand will offer more options, and be trendy in design. While it is well-built with good materials, it will last for a shorter duration as such furniture is meant to be replaced. Residential furniture is also a lot less expensive than office furniture.

Buying Residential Furniture for the Office

If you have a small budget and are looking to upgrade your office spaces in stages, residential furniture could be an affordable option. However, the type of residential furniture that works well for commercial spaces is the kind that is not frequently moved around like shelves, tables, cabinets and storage units. These options are a great way to save money and can be durable as well.

Purchasing Office Tables on a Budget

Mostresidential vendors that produce home furniture also produce furniture for corporate settings. Basics such as printer tables and conference tables can be bought easily from such home furniture stores. Not only will it help save money, it will also help to buy some time till your next interior decorating budget comes around. Another point to note when purchasing tables for a conference room especially if you are looking at purchasing a dining table is that dining tables are much narrower than a conference table.  So you will need to purchase a table that is broader to allow for enough space for colleagues and clients to sit across from one another with their laptops open.

These are just a few tips to keep in mind in case you are hoping to invest in some residential furniture for your office. In most cases and also considering your budget, residential furniture works well to fill in the gaps in a corporate office to upgrade its look but also be functional.