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How to Design a Good Urban Esplanade?

An esplanade is a large area that people can use for recreational and relaxing purposes. There will ideally be some kind of water feature along well-manicured lawns and the likes with opportunities to get some refreshment, walk and just overall have a good time. Here are some good tips to help you get started on a design for an esplanade that is urban and will be practical enough to be successful.

Find the Right Location

Look at where you are located and if the city truly has scope and potential to sustain something like this. For example, looking for park furniture Brisbane is a good idea because that city would be ideal for such a recreational project. It is always a good idea to choose a location that has a wealth of history or heritage or maybe even just a place that is really well known for its beauty, entertainment venues or eateries. All of these will only add to the flair and character of your esplanade and will also serve as great marketing points through which you can easily generate the traffic that you need.

Get the Community Involved

The majority of the public are always under the misconception that esplanades are always the responsibility of the state government or a council or an entity and that it is none of their concern. If they do get more involved in the process however, they will know the value of it and help in its maintenance as well. They will tend to litter less or none at all if they have at least a rough idea of the kind of labour that goes into the process of maintaining a public property. In addition to this, if the location that you have chosen has historical or cultural significance, it is even more crucial that the community knows and understands the value of the place so that they can do what they need to, to preserve it as well.

An After-Thought on Getting Community Involved

May be that it could also be a good idea to keep the involvement restricted to the areas where it is actually needed. People are different and they will look for different aspects of the esplanade. Somebody will ask for it to be pet-friendly, another will want a jungle gym installed in it, somebody else will need an open ground where they can run around and do sports. If everyone is too involved, you will ultimately not be able to make a realistic project happen right because you are trying to accommodate way too much in one go in a limited amount of ground. Make sure that you get the community involved in the correct areas and stay in control of the project.

Make It People-Friendly

Obviously esplanades are for the public. That is why you need to make it people friendly more than anything else. For this, look around your location and take into consideration the people who will visit regularly. Will there be students in a university nearby? Or maybe some corporate office complexes? Create the esplanade routes in a manner where they lead in and out in a convenient manner. In other words, have more than one exit and entry point to the esplanade so that people can go through it without obstructing somebody else.