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Tips for Choosing Glass for Residential or Commercial Windows

When installing windows at your home or at an office, the design is not the only thing to talk about. The type of glass you choose would determine how long the installation last and whether a room would be lit as you intended. Also, the glass you choose should be easy enough to clean. Considering there are so many factors to think about when choosing window glass, here are several definitive fixes you can try:

Understand the Different Types of Glass

Not all glass is made equal when it comes to residential or commercial installations. The types of glass you choose would be categorized by whether it’s intended for home or commercial use. Local retailer MCG Windows, for example, sells special types of glass for commercial windows. Because there’s such a variety of glass to choose, you should first understand the different types available.

You would find options like insulating glass, tinted glass, or reflecting glass, among others when looking for windows. Insulating glass is perfect for homes or offices that want to save up on energy bills. These glass can keep heat inside during winter, and prevent hot air form coming in during the summer.

You can avoid harsh sun glare with tinted glass. Some can filter out UV rays that may harm your skin. Tinted glass is also great for ensuring privacy and adding aesthetic appeal. Reflective glass refracts light in a manner that reduces glare. These glass, as the name suggests, reflect images rather that create a transparent wall.

Think long and hard about the types of glass you want to use for your home or office windows. It matters a lot for the overall look of the window.

Choosing the Right Glazing

Glass is typically categorized by the number of panes available, which would be referred to as glazing by some sellers. The glass is separated from each with a thin air pocket in between when glass is glazed. You would find single glaze or dual glazed blades, with the latter being more common. Triple glazed glass is available but it’s rare to find these.

Most commercial glass have dual glazing. The panels ensure that the end product is insulating and durable.

Do You Need Shatter-Proof Glass?

Imagine walking through a glass sliding door in the house. No homeowner wants that. One of the biggest caveats of installing anything in glass is its fragility. You can work around this problem by installing safety glass. This type of glass doesn’t shatter and is highly suited for homes with elders and small children.

Don’t Forget Extra Features

In addition to high levels of safety, buyers should also consider other features when buying glass panels. You can use this material for creating hermetically sealed rooms, for example. If you have specific other needs like this, factor those in as well when buying glass.

Pay close attention to the above tips and use them wisely when buying glass for your home next time. The right product would improve each room in more ways than one.