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Tips on Conserving Energy and Saving Money at Your Workplace

Are you a business owner or a owner of a commercial building? Are you spending big money on your business in paying for the electricity itself? Are you looking for ways to save money, and at the same time, contribute to saving the Earth as well? If you answered yes for our questions, then the below tips for saving energy and money put together by our experts are exclusively for you. Read ahead to find them…!


Turn to the sun

Take a lesson from the sunflowers and turn to the sun. Solar power is a great way to lower your electricity consumption costs. Especially for businesses. For sure, it’s a little expensive initially to install, and you might have to go through a power purchase agreement Melbourne, for example (and if you are Australian based, of course); but trust us when we say its more than worth it in the long run. And the best part, you will be contributing to saving the Earth as well!


Be smart about your window placement as well as your daylight usage

Even if you will be opting for commercial solar power, and it will significantly lower your costs, it still wont reduce your consumption it self. For this, you need to seek the help of your employees; as this not something you can do single handed. Apart from that, also pay attention to your windows and skylights. Get rid of anything that blocks the sunlight entering your building, and use smarter blinds or drapes. Try and make your employees make the most of the sunlight and the daylight hours; a very basic way to reduce electricity consumption.


Be smart about the amount of machines used

This depends entirely on the amount of employees on your pay roll and the nature of your business or company. If you are running a freezer warehouse for example, it can get a little hard to manage the amount of machines used at the same time. But if you are a company and your employees are office workers, then you can try and reduce the amount of machines running together at the same time.


Don’t forget that small things add up

Whether it’s the photocopy machine left unattended or the staff bathroom lights left on all weekend long, you will be surprised at how much these little forgetfulness is costing your workplace. To avoid this happening, make certain employees “responsible” for particular areas of the building, making sure every thing is turned off before leaving work. You can even hire someone from your building security staff to do this as a part of their routine to closing down the building for the end of each work day. Be very strict in regards to this with your employees to see the best results; as people in general don’t do anything unless it makes a difference for them personally.